Notes from a Writer’s Life #16

Someone asked me yesterday how many drafts I do when writing a novel, and couldn’t quite believe it when I said that for Badlands I’d done twelve drafts in all, including three rounds between acceptance and publication. So for today’s post I thought I’d explore exactly what I do during each of these drafts. DraftContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #16”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #15

So was it worth it? That was the question on my mind as I started the read through of Bleak Waters draft two. Long time readers may recall that after writing draft one I realised I had told the story from the wrong point of view. At that point I had two choices. Ditch itContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #15”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #12

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, as I have been putting all my effort into getting through draft two of Bleak Waters. I thought I was going well, but this last week I’ve hit two major hurdles that have threatened to derail the whole thing. It started with the discovery ofContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #12”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #11

Hello! Been a while since my last post, but things have been hectic and I’ve been cracking on with the rewrite of Bleak Waters. I’m currently at 33K words now, well into Act 2 and the plot is coming along nicely. Ditching draft one and rewriting from scratch definitely feels like the right decision. TheContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #11”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #10

Navigating the plot maze. A month since I started and the rewrites on Bleak Waters are moving on well now. I’m approaching 30K words and am almost at the 1/3 mark of the target word count of 90K. As always, the writing process involves listening to my intuition as I write. As technically this isContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #10”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #9

From despair to ecstasy… At about 10.15 this morning, I was sitting in the Costa Coffee in the local Next store, staring at the screen and seriously contemplating closing the file on Bleak Waters forever. It’s now 1.30 in the afternoon and not only have I pushed through this malaise, I’ve really enjoyed writing theContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #9”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #7

Bleak Waters updates + a special Badlands promo!! I did it… I did the scary thing… The thing that brings fear and terror into the hearts of writer’s everywhere. I deleted my first draft of Bleak Waters. In reality, it’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. The first draft still exists in its ownContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #7”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #6

In the last post I talked about how the edits on Bleak Waters were caught in limbo, but may suddenly have hit lift off. Now, a few days on and the rewrites are slowly but surely progressing. The key to unlocking the story was changing whose story I was telling. Throughout draft one, I hadContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #6”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #5

Limbo… then lift off… maybe… So as we approach the end of week 2 of Bleak Waters edits it’s safe to say that those Bleak Waters have been pretty choppy of late. To recap, the story as it stands is weak and needs some pretty hefty work, but that’s not unusual for a first draft,Continue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #5”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #4

A new month beckons! It’s February 1st, Imbolc in the pagan calendar, the first day of Spring, which means new beginnings and new opportunities. In other words, it’s the perfect time to be starting the rewrite of Bleak Waters. In a change from my usual editing process, I’m using the Word track changes feature asContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #4”