Notes from a Writer’s Life #9

From despair to ecstasy… At about 10.15 this morning, I was sitting in the Costa Coffee in the local Next store, staring at the screen and seriously contemplating closing the file on Bleak Waters forever. It’s now 1.30 in the afternoon and not only have I pushed through this malaise, I’ve really enjoyed writing theContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #9”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #5

Limbo… then lift off… maybe… So as we approach the end of week 2 of Bleak Waters edits it’s safe to say that those Bleak Waters have been pretty choppy of late. To recap, the story as it stands is weak and needs some pretty hefty work, but that’s not unusual for a first draft,Continue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #5”

The Power of Perseverance

In three days time my debut novel Badlands will be released, marking the end of a process that began with a single note in 2017 and a rogue character (Willow) in 2014. While Badlands may be my first published novel, it’s actually the eighth novel I’ve written overall (not to mention the countless short storiesContinue reading “The Power of Perseverance”

The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life

In six days time my debut novel Badlands is launched into the world. Four and half years after the initial idea, my work in writing and editing the story is complete. And while launch day on Friday 21st January will be a celebration of the book’s completion, the circle of my writer’s life will continueContinue reading “The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life”

The Roots of Badlands #2 – Goddard

Welcome to the second blog post about the roots of the characters in Badlands. The first post looked at the creation of the book’s protagonist, Willow and can be read here. In this post, I’ll look at how I created the main antagonist, The Reverend Richard Goddard. Most of my ideas come from places IContinue reading “The Roots of Badlands #2 – Goddard”

2021 – Review of the Year – Part 2

In part one of this series of posts reviewing my writing life in 2021, I talked about how my major goal for the year was to get a piece of fiction published. A secondary goal was to get paid for a piece of fiction if possible. You may be reading this and thinking surely writersContinue reading “2021 – Review of the Year – Part 2”

Influences – David Gemmell

British Fantasy writer David Gemmell wrote muscular, heroic fantasy stories full of battles and violence, but what set him apart from the rest of the pack writing at that time was his ability to create characters with shades of grey. To a certain extent, there were no heroes in Gemmell’s work, with even Druss, hisContinue reading “Influences – David Gemmell”

Writing Tip – Take a picture

Ideas come from anywhere, but when I’m working on a longer project, a lot of my ideas tend to come from places I’ve visited or stayed in. That’s certainly true of Badlands, but it’s equally true of my current work in progress, a supernatural crime mystery set in and around Hickling on the Norfolk Broads.Continue reading “Writing Tip – Take a picture”

Influences – Iain Banks

I went through a period in my twenties when every new author I read seemed to be called Ian or Iain. At that time I was working through the back catalogues of Messrs Banks, Rankin & McEwan. While I enjoy reading all three, Iain Banks (with or without the M) is the one who hadContinue reading “Influences – Iain Banks”