Badlands launches in 2 weeks!

As I write this, there is only two weeks remaining until the release of my debut novel, Badlands, from Darkstroke. As we approach release date, let’s take a deeper dive into the characters in this tale of surf, sand, smuggling and murder… The story follows Megan “Willow” Rae, a runaway in her early twenties. HauntedContinue reading “Badlands launches in 2 weeks!”

2021 – Review of the Year – Part Three

If you’ve read the last two posts in this series, you’ll remember that my main goal this year was to get one piece of fiction published, with a secondary goal of getting paid for a piece of writing if possible. With both those goals achieved, I felt the year had been successful and didn’t reallyContinue reading “2021 – Review of the Year – Part Three”

2021 – Review of the Year – Part One

As we approach the end of 2021, I wanted to take a look back at the last twelve months in my writing life. 2021 began with a lockdown for us in the U.K. but as the New Year rolled in, I had one major writing goal for the coming twelve months; to get a pieceContinue reading “2021 – Review of the Year – Part One”

The Roots of Badlands #1 – Willow

Badlands, my debut novel from Darkstroke began life as a note in my phone on 28th August 2017, but the main character had already existed for three years at that point, albeit in a very different story. Back in 2014, I’d toyed around with a novel called “Half a World Away”. The story followed Tom,Continue reading “The Roots of Badlands #1 – Willow”

Wednesday Writings

It’s another hump day in another week! Somehow we’re already in November. Halloween is done, and for those of us in the U.K. Guy Fawkes night is fast approaching with Christmas hot on its heels. Right now most of my time is being divided between edits for my upcoming debut novel “Badlands” and work onContinue reading “Wednesday Writings”