Influences – Anne Rice

If Bram Stoker gave us the granddaddy of all vampires, Anne Rice gave us their most famous bratty cousin. I am, of course, talking about Lestat, vampire, actor, rock legend and general all round undead superstar. He first appeared as the antagonist in Interview with the Vampire, but in The Vampire Lestat and The QueenContinue reading “Influences – Anne Rice”

Influences – James Herbert

My love of James Herbert began with Shrine, a story about a little girl who claims to see divine visions and ends up being a vessel for evil. After Shrine I quickly worked my way through Herbert’s back catalogue; Moon, Magic Cottage, Haunted, Ghosts of Sleath, Sepulchre, Domain, The Fog and of course, his classicContinue reading “Influences – James Herbert”

Point of Contact – Review

When cases of spontaneous combustion start claiming innocent lives in Newcastle, fire prevention expert Ian Fenwick is sent to investigate, but the closer he gets to the truth the more he realises that the force behind the madness has already touched his life in the worst possible way. Point of Contact by Richard Ayre isContinue reading “Point of Contact – Review”