Notes from a Writer’s Life #4

A new month beckons! It’s February 1st, Imbolc in the pagan calendar, the first day of Spring, which means new beginnings and new opportunities. In other words, it’s the perfect time to be starting the rewrite of Bleak Waters. In a change from my usual editing process, I’m using the Word track changes feature asContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #4”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #3

Re-read, Re-write, Recycle… The read through of Bleak Waters is complete and it’s onto revisions. The first thing I decided to do was nail down the timeline of events. There’s a complex back-story to this one and I wanted to get all the dates of the events in order before I started re-writing. Working outContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #3”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #2

Happy Friday people! We made it to the end of another week. Alas, the same cannot be said for my WIP, “Bleak Waters”, the first draft of which is now facing a fate as grim as its title… I’ve read through about ninety percent of the draft as I write this, but I already knowContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #2”

Notes from a Writer’s Life #1

So Badlands is out in the world being read and (hopefully) enjoyed and now I move on to the sticky business of bashing “Bleak Waters” into shape. The first draft was completed a couple of weeks back, and I started the first read through of the text yesterday. Currently, I’m nine and half chapters inContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #1”

The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life

In six days time my debut novel Badlands is launched into the world. Four and half years after the initial idea, my work in writing and editing the story is complete. And while launch day on Friday 21st January will be a celebration of the book’s completion, the circle of my writer’s life will continueContinue reading “The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life”

The First was the Last…

With the launch of Badlands now just one week away, on my social media channels I’m currently counting down to the release with a series of posts under the heading 10 Facts About Badlands. Every day I’m posting a fact about the characters, settings or creation of the book and today’s fact was… So whyContinue reading “The First was the Last…”

“The End” is just the Beginning

Yesterday I got to type those two magical words on my work in progress Bleak Waters… For any writer working on a project, short or long, those two little words represent the final goal. After comes elation, relief, and sometimes sheer bloody exhaustion! But ultimately, those two little words are deceptive. This morning, I finishedContinue reading ““The End” is just the Beginning”

It’s 2022! – Let’s do this!!

New Year! New opportunities! At least, that’s how most people feel on New Years Day, although admittedly that is a bit harder in these times. Normally I begin each new year with the hope that this year will finally be the one that I see my work in print, but in 2022 I find myselfContinue reading “It’s 2022! – Let’s do this!!”

2021 – Review of the Year – Part 2

In part one of this series of posts reviewing my writing life in 2021, I talked about how my major goal for the year was to get a piece of fiction published. A secondary goal was to get paid for a piece of fiction if possible. You may be reading this and thinking surely writersContinue reading “2021 – Review of the Year – Part 2”