Notes from a Writer’s Life #11


Been a while since my last post, but things have been hectic and I’ve been cracking on with the rewrite of Bleak Waters.

I’m currently at 33K words now, well into Act 2 and the plot is coming along nicely.

Ditching draft one and rewriting from scratch definitely feels like the right decision. The characters feel deeper, the plot a more natural progression of cause and effect. And the conflicts are building nicely.

A little unedited snippet of Bleak Waters draft 2.

In other news, Badlands continues to get some great reviews. A few of which are shown in the image below.

It’s fantastic to hear people having such a positive response to a project I first conceived over five years ago.

Outside of Badlands, this was also released last week:

A new anthology from Black Ink Fiction.

My short story “Why Grandmother…” is featured within its mighty pages alongside dozens of outstanding short retellings of fairy tales featuring Wolves.

It marks the sixth anthology featuring my work to be released since last year, although ironically, this was the first story to be accepted!

Going forward, I’ll be ploughing on with Bleak Waters rewrites but keep an eye on my social feeds from next weekend (19th March) for some special Badlands-related news!

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