Notes from a Writer’s Life #8

Welcome to another round up of writerly shenanigans from the past week or so.

Edits, or rather rewrites, of Bleak Waters are moving on. I’ve hit the 12.5K word mark now, although there’s been the odd wrong turn and hiccup along the way.

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The overall framework is in place though, and I’m working my way towards the quarter mark and the first big turning point in the plot.

Over the weekend, I took part in the darkstroke promo weekend. Promoting Badlands through Twitter, Facebook, Insta & TikTok the book found a whole bunch of new readers.

If you were one of them, thank you, and once you’ve read it, please do leave a review on Amazon or GoodReads. You can also review it on BookBub and follow me there.

With the free weekend done, it’s back to marketing Badlands through the socials.

Today’s Twitter and Facebook posts are focusing more on Willow, and how her guilt and desire to make amends drive the plot.

One of the most flawed MC’s I’ve ever written, Willow’s story is one of redemption as she seeks to repair the damage she caused to the relationship with her sister Ellie.

Once close, after Willow ran away from home, their relationship fell apart, and in a tearful tirade, Willow said that Ellie was dead to her.

This was just the last in a series of betrayals and bad moves that Willow made, and it burnt the last bridge she had with her past.

When the book opens, Willow is on her way home, bought back by a warning that she hopes is from Ellie.

She comes back looking for reconciliation, but the search to find her sister forces Willow to face up to the mistakes of her past, and leads her into a deadly confrontation with the darkness at the heart of the Badlands.

As I’m working on Bleak Waters, I’m struck by the differences between Willow and Theo, the main character in Bleak Waters.

Although there is trauma in Theo’s past, it’s less of his making, more the making of others. He has been lied to, deceived and led to believe he’s someone he’s not.

While his quest shares similarities to Willow’s (they’re both trying to uncover the truth about someone close to them, and they both fall into the web of a sinister villain), they come at it from very different angles.

When we meet Willow she’s already in the middle of her own personal hell.

When we meet Theo, his hell awaits.

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