Notes from a Writer’s Life #7

Bleak Waters updates + a special Badlands promo!!

I did it…

I did the scary thing…

The thing that brings fear and terror into the hearts of writer’s everywhere.

I deleted my first draft of Bleak Waters.

In reality, it’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds.

The first draft still exists in its own file. Before I started the rewrites, I duplicated the file for the first draft and renamed the new one as draft two.

Then, as I was working through draft two, I came to realise that less and less of the first draft was going to make it into the new version.

The new draft feels so much stronger than the first and it got to the stage where keeping the first draft text in the second draft document seemed pointless.

So I selected all the remaining text… and hit delete.

Suddenly I have blank pages ahead of me rather than inferior text that I would then be trying to shoe horn into draft 2.

With draft 1 sitting on its own in my files, if I do suddenly decide that there’s a scene that can be transferred into the new version, I can still copy and paste it into the text.

But for now I can move on with making Bleak Waters a better, stronger story which is ultimately what matters when editing or rewriting.

And in the meantime…

Badlands marches on!

It’s three weeks now since the release of my debut novel Badlands and sales seem to be ticking along nicely BUT….

For this weekend only you can get Badlands on Kindle completely FREE!!!

Click here to order:

Badlands – a Dark Suspense novel

A runaway with a wounded soul searches for her sister…

While a scarred orphan with a lust for blood hunts her down…

And a man of God with a heart of darkness plots both their downfalls…

Who will survive the Badlands?

Free on kindle this weekend!

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