Lift Off!!

26 years after I first put pen to paper, after millions of words. countless cups of tea and coffee, and quite a bit of mental gymnastics, yesterday a dream came true.

My debut novel Badlands was published.

Launch day began with a sunrise walk after dropping my wife off at the station and then it was on to the socials to post and promote the book as widely as possible.

There were tweets, posts, stories, shares and uploads galore across Twitter, Facebook, Insta & Tik Tok.

On the spur of the moment I decided to do a Book Tour with a difference, snapping my book in various locations around town.

Highlights of a Book Tour with a twist…

At 7pm GMT I did a YouTube livestream consisting of some background on the book, a reading of the first few pages and a brief Q & A session.

Launch day culminated in a nice pint of Cornish Gold a.k.a Proper Job, an appropriate beverage for a novel set in Cornwall.

A slice of Cornish Gold at the end of Launch Day…

Judging by what I can see, the results were good, with some good sales activity coming in for the eBook & paperback.

And it was a fun day. I really enjoyed the interactions across the socials and hosting the livestream (even though I did drop the book halfway through reading!!).

And that’s it. Four and half years after the first glimmer of an idea, Badlands is out there now on paperback, kindle & kindle unlimited.

So what next? Well it’s back to the day job today. Then on Monday, I’ll start the edits on my new project, Bleak Waters.

The Circle of (the Writer’s) Life spins anew.

Did you catch any of the posts, tweets, videos and shares yesterday? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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