“The End” is just the Beginning

Yesterday I got to type those two magical words on my work in progress Bleak Waters…

The best words a writer can write…but are they deceiving?

For any writer working on a project, short or long, those two little words represent the final goal. After comes elation, relief, and sometimes sheer bloody exhaustion!

But ultimately, those two little words are deceptive.

This morning, I finished proofreading the paperback version of my debut novel Badlands.

Badlands, finally ready to launch to world…

I originally typed “The End” on Badlands back in summer 2019.

Of course, “The End” actually means anything but.

“The End” actually means the end of the story as a fresh piece. Regardless of what happens next, I will never approach Bleak Waters as a new project again.

It’s the story of Lily & Theo and their attempt to find out what happened to Claire Baldwin, who vanished from Hickling 25 years earlier, and the first draft is their story in its rawest form.

It will never be written from fresh again, even if I do a full re-write because there will always be this draft of the story.

Is the story ready for the public yet?

No. There’ll be a couple of weeks pause while I launch Badlands, and it’s story of Willow’s search for her sister and her descent into a dark conspiracy.

Then it will be on to the editing stage for Bleak Waters.

Scenes will be cut, new scenes written, characters changed, pacing adjusted. Maybe I’ll read it through and decide the best course is a complete rewrite. Or maybe there’ll be enough there for me to sculpt and mould what exists into something better.

For me, this is where the real work, the real magic of writing happens.

And it continues all the way up to publication.

As mentioned, the final read-through of Badlands is complete, and even at this stage, there are a few last minute edits to be made, minor punctuation errors that have crept in during the countless rounds of edits and rewrites.

Barring any last minute urgent changes, this finally is “The End” for my writing involvement in Badlands.

For better or worse, it’s ready for the world, and my involvement now switches to full on marketing and promotion for the book. (Pre-order the eBook here!)

Bleak Waters still has some way to go. My target is to have a fully polished version ready for submission by October. That means at least two, but more probably four or five more drafts.

Yes, I typed “The End” on my manuscript yesterday.

But as I let Willow’s story go out into the world, my work on Lily and Theo’s story is just beginning.

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