It’s 2022! – Let’s do this!!

New Year! New opportunities!

At least, that’s how most people feel on New Years Day, although admittedly that is a bit harder in these times.

Normally I begin each new year with the hope that this year will finally be the one that I see my work in print, but in 2022 I find myself in a new position.

If you’ve followed my reviews of 2021, you’ll be aware that it was the year that my work got published, so as we move into 2022 I have a whole new set of hopes for the year ahead.

Firstly, my debut novel Badlands is released in under three weeks.

My novel, in print, for the first time!

I’m not going to lie, as the release date approaches, the imposter syndrome is growing stronger with every passing day. It’s nerves, obviously, so I’m doing my best to ignore it as I do the final read through of the paperback before launch.

Beyond Badlands, I also have one more short story from last year still due for publication sometime in the next few weeks. More info on that when I have it.

And finally, I’m currently writing the climax of my latest novel, Bleak Waters. Due to illness and Christmas I’ve lost momentum in December, but I’m probably two to three scenes away from finishing now. Fingers crossed the first draft will be completed this week.

And after? Well, much of January will be spent prepping for the launch of Badlands, but I also plan to write some more short stories and maybe revisit some of the stories that didn’t find homes last year and see if I can get those into print.

Then it will be onto draft 2 of Bleak Waters. My target is to complete edits and re-writes by October 2022, and then jump back on the query train!

And what about you? Feel free to share your goals and dreams for 2022 in the comments.

Whatever they are, I hope this year brings you good health, success and happiness!

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