Wednesday Writings #2

Hi all, and welcome to another round of musings on the creative writing process.

I’ve just past the 25% mark on my new work in progress, and in the last session I wrote the first big turning point in the plot which sets me up nicely for the next quarter of the book, leading up to the mid-point.

As previously mentioned, my plan for this project didn’t survive first contact with the characters, but although the plan may have gone by the wayside, the underlining story is still there, and I’m aware of what needs to be revealed when.

I also knew what had to happen in the first big plot point, so in a way, I always heading in the right direction.

But when I came to writing it, the “how” of the plot point came out of nowhere, and I didn’t realise what was going to happen until about three paragraphs before I wrote it.

Of course, once the “how” clicked into place, I realised that it always had to happen that way.

This is one of the pleasures of writing; when the groundwork you’ve laid takes the story in new, surprising but totally logical directions.

There’s also the added bonus that this new direction sets up the next few scenes nicely, and leaves a major conflict point lingering in the background. Plus it brings the MC and another key character closer together, which is important going forward.

So what does all this mean?

For me, it means that plans are never wasted, but should also be freely disregarded if you come up with something better during the writing process.

In my experience, you frequently do.

Have a great week!

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