Point of Contact – Review

A gripping supernatural thriller in the tradition of James Herbert & Shaun Hutson.

When cases of spontaneous combustion start claiming innocent lives in Newcastle, fire prevention expert Ian Fenwick is sent to investigate, but the closer he gets to the truth the more he realises that the force behind the madness has already touched his life in the worst possible way.

Point of Contact by Richard Ayre is a supernatural thriller in the vein of James Herbert and Shaun Hutson. It perfectly juxtaposes ordinary life against strange happenings, and as the chapters roll by the sense of threat grows until it reaches an apocalyptic finale.

Fenwick is an expertly drawn protagonist, flawed physically and emotionally, but always sympathetic. The supporting cast is well rounded and the antagonists given strong back stories and motivations.

The text is clean and well-written, although I found the viewpoint shifts mid-scene somewhat distracting at times.

That’s a minor quibble however and overall, Point of Contact is an exciting chiller, worthy of comparison with Herbert and Hutson and a must read if you’re a fan of those.

Rating 4/5

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