Autumn updates!

The seasons are changing and summer is slipping into autumn. The nights are longer, the mornings cooler and the first leaves are already on the ground.

The new season brings some new releases featuring my work and plenty to keep me busy as the nights draw in.

Firstly, my story “Beast of Bodmin” is published in the “Legends of the Night” Anthology from Black Ink Fiction on 21st September.

“Beast of Bodmin” was inspired by a night-time drive through Cornwall and a picture of a vampire girl I saw back in the late 90’s.

It was also the first outright horror/spooky piece I’d written since “Mirror Mirror” and I’m thrilled that “Beast…” has found a good home!

Looking further forward, I’ve got a drabble featured in “Festival of Fear”, due to be released in October, and my story “Why Grandmother…” appears in the “New Tales of Old Vol 2” in November, both published by Black Ink Fiction.

Links to these will follow once available.

October also sees my first short story published in a national magazine (U.K.). It’s also my first story to win a competition, having been shortlisted three times previously. There’ll be a separate post on this to come.

Alongside that, I’m finished the first draft of two new short stories, and have a number of other projects on submission, so hoping for some news from those soon.

Finally, “Rock Band” from Ghost Orchid Press and “Blood Lust” from Black Ink Fiction are now available to order in e-book and paperback.

Have a great autumn and feel free to let me know what you’re working on in the comments!

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