Waiting for “The Clunk”…

Ideas. They’re tricky things. You can think and plan and write notes for days and nothing comes of it, and then, wham! Something clicks and out comes a whole story.

I’ve been in a writing lull for most of June. Spent a lot of time jotting ideas, characters, potential storylines, but nothing has caught fire.

Then, as I was standing at Liverpool Street station on the way into work this morning, I felt it.

The Clunk.

The Clunk is my name for what happens when several disparate thoughts and ideas coalesce into a story with a beginning, a middle and a possible end.

And it always comes out of nowhere. Always.

Today’s Clunk came because of a picture I saw on Twitter. That picture added a catalyst to a vague notion I’d had, and from that catalyst came three characters, their motivations, back stories and how they all coalesce to make a story.

As of this writing, I’m 1200 words into the first draft. And the story feels right. I’m excited to write it. I love the conflicts that are set up, and the little hooks I’m planting for future events.

For me, this is the magic part of writing. You can read all the how to books you like, scribble notes for days on end, build mood boards, thrash out story line after story line, but nothing happens until you feel the Clunk.

So if you’re a writer struggling to find ideas my advice is simple. Relax. Scribble, plot, build mood boards, listen to music that inspires you.

But wait for that Clunk.

Because when it comes, it’s the spark that sets your story alight.

At least, that’s how it works for me. Happy Writing!

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