Writer’s Resources

Back when I started writing in the late 90’s, the world was a very different (smaller) place and there wasn’t nearly the abundance of resources available to writers that there is today.

While you can get advice and access markets all over the world these days, some times it can all seem overwhelming, particularly if you’re a new-ish writer wondering where and how to get started.

Below follows a list of resources that I find useful. Some are for the mechanics of writing, others are for markets and others are for community and growth. They work for me, but like all things writing related, they may not work for you so pick and choose and find your own path.

Happy Writing!

Disclaimer – I’m not getting paid to promote these! They’re just a few resources and organisations that I’ve found particularly useful and can recommend based on my personal experience!!


These guides have been particularly useful for helping me get to grips with the nuts and bolts of writing. They should be available online or for older titles you might find them on eBay.

  • Teach Yourself – Writing a Novel – Nigel Watts (The one that started it all for me!)
  • On Editing – Helen Corner and Katherine Price
  • Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Renni Browne and Dave King
  • Worlds of Wonder – How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy – David Gerrold
  • Save the Cat! Writes a Novel – Jessica Brody
  • About Writing – Gareth L. Powell


  • Writing Magazine – UK based monthly writing magazine with monthly themed competitions for short stories and poetry
  • Writer’s Forum – Another UK monthly, the word count for the short stories here is slightly longer and with an open theme. Also has poetry and flash competitions
  • Writer’s Digest – A U.S. based bi-monthly writing magazine with it’s own annual conference and writing competitions across a wide range of genres and types.


  • Spread the Word – A fantastic London based writing charity who gave my first published piece back in 2007. Still going strong today. Find them here.
  • Writers HQ – Another outstanding organisation that offers free & paid for courses, mini-online writing retreats, and monthly market resources. There are also membership options. Check them out here.

Hope you find these useful!

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