Gary Kruse writes dark suspense, SF & horror about people on the edge of society struggling to find who they are, where they come from and where they’re going. He has won and been shortlisted for several short story competitions and his debut novel Badlands is out now.

Surf. Sand. Smugglers. Murder.

Willow has run as far as she can.

From her home.

From the friends she betrayed.

From the family who betrayed her.

From her own name.

But a cry for help will bring her back.

Back to face her family.

Back to face the sins of her past.

Back to face the darkness at the heart of Cornwall.

In the search for her sister, Willow will face deception and betrayal, before she’ll find love-and herself. But will she uncover how close the enemy is, or will she become another victim of the Badlands?




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    Happy Friday people! We made it to the end of another week. Alas, the same cannot be said for my WIP, “Bleak Waters”, the first draft of which is now facing a fate as grim as its title… I’ve read through about ninety percent of the draft as I write this, but I already knowContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #2”
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    Today I’m posting on fellow Darkstroke Author Val Penny’s blog, talking about the themes of Badlands. You can check it out here.
  • Notes from a Writer’s Life #1
    So Badlands is out in the world being read and (hopefully) enjoyed and now I move on to the sticky business of bashing “Bleak Waters” into shape. The first draft was completed a couple of weeks back, and I started the first read through of the text yesterday. Currently, I’m nine and half chapters inContinue reading “Notes from a Writer’s Life #1”
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    26 years after I first put pen to paper, after millions of words. countless cups of tea and coffee, and quite a bit of mental gymnastics, yesterday a dream came true. My debut novel Badlands was published. Launch day began with a sunrise walk after dropping my wife off at the station and then itContinue reading “Lift Off!!”
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    Hunter’s Chase – Val Penny The first book in Val Penny’s Edinburgh Crime Mysteries series gets down and dirty as it follows Detective Hunter Wilson and his team as they work to stop the flow of cocaine into Edinburgh, only to stumble onto a murder when a body is discovered on a local golf course.Continue reading “Book Reviews – Hunter’s Chase & What Happened To Coco”
  • The Power of Perseverance
    In three days time my debut novel Badlands will be released, marking the end of a process that began with a single note in 2017 and a rogue character (Willow) in 2014. While Badlands may be my first published novel, it’s actually the eighth novel I’ve written overall (not to mention the countless short storiesContinue reading “The Power of Perseverance”
  • The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life
    In six days time my debut novel Badlands is launched into the world. Four and half years after the initial idea, my work in writing and editing the story is complete. And while launch day on Friday 21st January will be a celebration of the book’s completion, the circle of my writer’s life will continueContinue reading “The Circle of (a Writer’s) Life”
  • The First was the Last…
    With the launch of Badlands now just one week away, on my social media channels I’m currently counting down to the release with a series of posts under the heading 10 Facts About Badlands. Every day I’m posting a fact about the characters, settings or creation of the book and today’s fact was… So whyContinue reading “The First was the Last…”
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